Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Hollywood Museum's Marilyn Monroe Exhibit

Hello my lovelies, 

I figured I would take a minute to discuss my all time FAVORITE vintage ICON and its no surprise that its Marilyn Monroe, since we share many similarities. 
But in honor of her death's 50th anniversary , I wanted to share this wonderful exhibit that is going on at the Hollywood History Museum. 
From June 1- Sept 1, the museum is hosting a large exhibit of Marilyn's private things, many of which were auctioned off at Christie's in October of 1999 and have not been seen in public since. 
Below are some highlights of the exhibit. 

You can find out more and purchase tickets online at the museum's website: 

Below is my favorite photo out of her collection:

If anyone has attended or will be attending please leave me comments!! I will post an update after I go at the end of the month!

- A

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